is coordinated by a Regional Secretariat, and has a Regional Representative. Both are chosen by regional member organisations.

香蕉视频app网Globally, GPPAC is governed by an International Steering Group. The International Steering Group consists of the Regional Representatives of each of the regional networks, and up to six representatives of international NGOs.

GPPAC also has , made up of members from around the world. Each working group has a chosen Chair, who is part of GPPAC's Global Strategy Group. The Global Strategy Group advises the network on GPPAC's overall strategic directions and policies.

香蕉视频app网The network is supported by the , which operates under the GPPAC Foundation, registered and based in the Netherlands. The Global Secretariat supports the work of the governance and operational bodies of the GPPAC network, primarily the Board, International Steering Group, Global Strategy Group, Working groups and Regional Secretariats.

Our charter

For more detailed information about how GPPAC is governed, please consult .

Our strategic plan

香蕉视频app网GPPAC strategic plan 2016-2020 was developed through a collaborative approach in which all GPPAC regional networks participated, and its governing bodies, made up of regional representatives, had the lead in developing it. Please consult .

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